The National Center for Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law (Center) was founded in 1999 and is housed in the University of Mississippi Law School. The Center continues the space law tradition begun at the University of Mississippi School of Law by the late Dr. Stephen Gorove (1917 – 2001). Dr. Gorove began teaching space law at the law school in the 1960s and hosted the nation’s first space law conference, Man’s Landing on the Moon: Legal Implications and Perspectives, in 1969. Even further back, in 1935, the University of Mississippi School of Law awarded a law degree to the late Myres S. McDougal co-author of
Law and Public Order in Space

The Center serves the public good and the aerospace industry by conducting research, teaching, and providing outreach activities related to the legal aspects of applying remote sensing, air, and space technologies to human activities. The Center also publishes the JOURNAL OF SPACE LAW, which is the world’s oldest journal dedicated to the topic, and the only one in the United States.

RES COMMUNIS is one of the Center’s outreach activities. It seeks to publicly explore the variety of legal issues connected with aerospace activities. The blog’s name is taken from the Latin legal term. It means, in part, “Things common to all; that is, those things that are used and enjoyed by everyone.” It was chosen to highlight the openness of the legal debate intended to surround these issues. The legal discourse surrounding aerospace activities belongs to all, and all are invited to join in through the comments area.

Disclaimer: From time to time, Res Communis posts contributions from guest bloggers and interviews with various people in the aerospace legal community. The opinions and views contained therein are those of the guest blogger or the interviewee only.  They do not reflect those of the Center, its faculty and staff, the University of Mississippi School of Law, or the University of Mississippi. The materials on this website do not constitute legal advice. Res Communis is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship by offering this information, and anyone’s review of the information shall not be deemed to create such a relationship. You should consult your own attorney if you have a legal matter requiring attention. Also, nothing on this site creates an express or implied contract.

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  1. I am eager watching the EU’s investigation of the Star Alliance and Oneworld unfold. There really are many aviation industry antitrust cases… and I can wait until we (society) further develop space into a true commercial market. I am confident that there will be many more interesting antitrust cases to come…

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