Library: A Round-up of Reading

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G. S. Sachdeva, “Commercial Order of Outer Space: Quest for Ethical Values,” 51 Indian Journal of International Law __ (2011)

Christophe Venet, Laurence NARDON – The use of space for maritime security in Europe (IFRI)

David Welch: Space Law

Congressional Inaction Halts Aviation Projects Across US – White House Blog

As Congress continues to ignore the FAA, more critical work stops, more workers are sent home – Fast Lane

Briefly: optimism, pessimism, and export control – Space Politics

July 28, 2011 LightSquared Updates – NSGIC

Russia Has Decided To Throw the ISS Away in 2020 (Update) – NASA Watch

Utah Trial Court Rejects “Negligent Directions” Claim Against Google – Volokh Conspiracy

The Kansas airspace awareness tool – Google Earth Blog

Blinded: The Decline of U.S. Earth Monitoring Capabilities and Its Consequences for National Security – Got GEOINT?

Proposed Legislation Would Grant Noise Relief from Helicopter Overflights – Aviation and Airport Development Law Blog

Don’t jet out of town, leaving the FAA grounded – The Fast Lane

President Obama: FAA Shutdown a “Washington-Inflicted Wound on America” – The White House Blog

Congress takes its vacation; 74,000 workers, off the job in FAA impasse, take their lumps – The Fast Lane

Federal Court Requires Additional Public Explanations for TSA’s Advanced Imaging Technology – Security Debrief

Obama Decries “Lose, Lose, Lose” Situation at FAA Because of Congress – Space Policy Online

Government Contractor Defense Protects Helicopter Manufacturer – Aviation Law Monitor

Will Drones Save Privacy Law? – Concurring Opinions

When Does South Sudan Get To Become a Country in the Eyes of Google Maps? – UN Dispatch

How That FAA Bill Got Passed – Space Policy Online

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