Library: A Round-up of Reading

July 18, 2011 at 11:36 am | Posted in Library | Leave a comment

Joe Palca, A New Frontier In Space Travel: The Law, NPR

Shuttle’s end opens new era, new legal issues in spaceflight, Space Daily

Aviation Security: TSA Has Enhanced Its Explosives Detection Requirements for Checked Baggage, but Additional Screening Actions Are Needed. GAO-11-740, July 11.

Grand jury focuses on convicted felon in airport deal – Leeham News and Comment

Dwarf Planets and the Law – PrawfsBlawg

House Interior Dept Appropriators like Landsat, But Not at the Expense of Other USGS Priorities – Space Policy Online

Details about the House’s proposed NASA budget – Space Politics

What am I allowed to do with Google Earth? – Google Earth Blog

JPSS Would Be Cut Again in CJS Bill – Space Policy Online

BBC Focus: “Who Owns Space?” – Virgiliu Pop

President Obama Announces “Capture the Flag” in Space – NASA Watch

Satellite corroborates accounts of a massacre in Sudan (now also in Google Earth) – Ogle Earth

Meet the ‘Keyzer Soze’ of Global Phone-Tracking – Danger Room

Court OKs Airport Body Scanners, Rejects Constitutional Challenge – Threat Level

UNITAR/UNOSAT team up with Google Map Maker to boost impact of community mapping for disaster relief and humanitarian aid – Google Lat/Long

DC Circuit Holds that New Airport Screening Security Measures Comply With the Fourth Amendment – Volokh Conspiracy

D.C. Circuit on the New “Advanced Imaging Technology” Airport Searches – Volokh Conspiracy

June 6-7, Jakarta, Indonesia – IISL/ISIL space law conference – Virgiliu Pop

Dr. George Nield, Sunday, 7-17-11 – The Space Show

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