Belgium and Vietnam conclude cooperation agreement

July 15, 2011 at 9:46 am | Posted in Space Law Current Events | Leave a comment

by Sara M. Langston with the blog faculty

Source: ISRIA

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Steven Vanackere received Mr Bui Thanh Son, Deputy Foreign Minister of Vietnam in charge of European Affairs, today. This meeting marked the beginning of preparations for the economic mission to Vietnam, which will be presided over by HRH Prince Philippe in March of 2012.

During the conversation, the Vietnamese Deputy Minister indicated that his government has decided to enter into a partnership with Belgium, rather than with other countries, in the field of space technology.

This partnership will manifest itself specifically in the form of the delivery of a satellite system for the observation of the Earth. This satellite system – from a company called Spacebel, which sits at the head of a consortium of Belgian companies – will help Vietnam to manage its natural resources and its environment. The system will consist of a satellite launched for orbit around the Earth, as well as a land-based segment for the monitoring and processing of the data stored in Vietnam. The partnership also encompasses an important component for the training of Vietnamese engineers in space technology and spatial technology applications. The contract, the technical appendices of which are still being negotiated, should be signed by the end of 2011. The total value is estimated at €63 million. [Full story]

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