Library: A Round-up of Reading

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NPR – The Last Shuttle Launch And The Future Of Space Exploration

Kuwait Airways Corp. v. Republic of Iraq (Can.), with introductory note by Chimène I. Keitner, 50 International Legal Materials 160 (2011)

Toward a Theory of Space Power (NDU 2011)

CRS – The Arecibo Ionospheric Observatory, June 16, 2011

ESPI Report 36: “Economic and Policy Aspects of Space Regulations in Europe. Part 2: Space Related Regulations – On Track for Space Technologies and Space Based Services”

CRS – Iran Sanctions

NextGen Air Transportation System: Mechanisms for Collaboration and Technology Transfer Could Be Enhanced to More Fully Leverage Partner Agency and Industry Resources. GAO-11-604, June 30.

Americans want to be leaders in space exploration. But what does that mean? – Space Politics

At 75, America’s air traffic control system keeps getting better – The Fast Lane

Satellite shows military convoy near disputed Sudanese region – FP Passport

House appropriators swing the budget axe – Space Politics

Initial reactions to the House NASA budget proposal – Space Politics

Obama: “pushing NASA to revamp its vision” – Space Politics

President Obama discusses space policy – RLV and Space Transport News

Title 51 – Law Library Blog

Members of Congress on the end of the Space Shuttle – Space Politics

Goodbye, space shuttle – DoD Buzz

ITAR, AMSAT, and public domain limits – RLV and Space Transport News

President’s statement on the launch of Atlantis – Space Politics

Interesting Comments from China’s First Astronaut – All Things Nuclear

FCC Action Threatens GPS Satellite Services – Spectrum Matters

Appropriations Update – Space Policy Online

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