Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Air & Space Law, Volume 36, Number 2:

# Editorial
Pablo Mendes de Leon
# The Montreal Convention 1999 and the Decisions of the ECJ in the Cases of IATA and Sturgeon – in Harmony or Discord?
Robert Lawson, Tim Marland
# Sovereignty and the Chicago Convention: English Court of Appeal Rules on the Northern Cyprus Question
Mark Franklin
# Metal Neutrality and the Nation-Bound Airline Industry
Paul V. Mifsud
# The Concorde Accident Criminal Trial in France
Sean Gates, Maud Marian
# Satellite Financing through Hosted Payloads: Benefits and Challenges
Maria Buzdugan
# UAV’s: Their Integration into Non-segregated Airspace
Stefan A. Kaiser
# Report on the 22nd Annual Conference of the EALA
Francesco Fiorilli

Journal of Air Law and Commerce, Volume 76, Number 1, Winter 2011

# Psychiatric Injury in Aviation Accidents Under the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions: The Interface Between Medicine and Law
Christopher Andrews, Vernon Nase
# Cost Sharing in Air-Service Provision
David Timothy Duval, Niven Winchester

# Why Civil-Military Integration of Yokota Air Force Base Makes Sense for Purposes of Promoting Mutual Cooperation Between the United States and Japan
Allan I. Mendelsohn

# Twombly and Parallel Conduct–How the Sixth Circuit Grounded In Re Travel Agent commission Antitrust Litigation
Natalie N. DuBose
# The First Amendment–Determining Whether a Total Ban on Newspaper Racks in a Public Airport’s Terminals Raises a Genuine Issue of Material Fact Concerning Its Constitutionality
Laura McKenery
# Ripe, Riper, Ripest? The Ninth Circuit’s Decision in Addington v. U.S. Airline Pilots Association Sets a Misguided Ripeness Standard for Duty of Fair Representation Claims
R.J. Pathroff
# Pilots Denied Relief–By Narrowly Construing “Prevailing Parties” Under the EAJA, the D.C. Circuit Allows the FAA to Run Amok
Scott Lars Rogers
# Successor Employers’ Obligations Under a Preexisting Collective Bargaining Agreement: The Second Circuit Misinterprets Supreme Court Decisions and Sets a Harmful Precedent
Kevin A. Teters

Space Acquisitions: DOD Delivering New Generations of Satellites, but Space System Acquisition Challenges Remain. GAO-11-590T May 11, 2011.

NASA – Commercial Market Assessment for Crew and Cargo Systems Pursuant to Section 403 of the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-267)

ESPI Perspective 46: “European Commission Communication “Towards a space strategy for the European Union that benefits its citizens” – Towards a Lisbon Generation Competence?”

Missiles, You’ve Been Warned: New Sat Has Its Orbiting, Infrared Eye on You – Danger Room

Florida Legislature Delivers $43+ Million For Space Industry – RLV and Space Transport News

Mike Gold, Monday, 5-9-11 – The Space Show

Advocacy Group Proposes to Sue Drone Operators in the US – Lawfare

Another turn at the plate for export control reform – Space Politics

Europeanizing American Space Activities by Stealth – Pajamas Media

Export control reform followup – Space Politics

Don’t worry, there’s only a little bit of poison in the cabin air today – Learnmount

COMSTAC meeting – RLV and Space Transport News

Cabotage – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Senators Grill Apple and Google over Location Tracking and Privacy – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Space transportation policy review underway – Space Politics

FAA To Hold Public Meeting Re: Owner Trustee Registration Of Aircraft – Aviation Law Discussions

Texas House of Representatives Seeking to Ban Current TSA Pat-Down – The TSA Blog

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