Library: A Round-up of Reading

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China/US Should Cooperate In Space: Astronaut – Red Orbit News

Issues in Aviation Law and Policy, Spring 2011:

* Hon. Gerald L. Baliles, Commentary, Time Flies: Observations about the Decade Past, and a Look Toward the Future
* Matt Andersson, Commentary, The Impact of Policy on Global Aircraft Manufacturing and Development
* P. Paul Fitzgerald, Europe’s Emissions Trading System: Questioning its Raison d’Etre
* David E. Rapoport & Michael L. Teich, The Erosion of Secrecy in Air Disaster Litigation
* James L. Devall, The U.S. and EU Approaches to Global Airline Alliances: Cooperation or Conflict
* Allan I. Mendelsohn, Foreign Plaintiffs, Forum Non Conveniens, and the 1999 Montreal Convention
* Steven H. Resnicoff, Shooting Down Suicide Airplanes–What’s Law Got to Do With It?
* Douglas M. Marshall, Civil, Public, or State Aircraft? The FAA’s Regulatory Authority Over Government Operations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft in U.S. National Airspace
* Isaku Shibata, Airfield Management of High-Density Airports in Metropolitan Areas–A Study of Narita International Airport
* Stuart A. Hindman, Full-Body Scanners: TSA’s New “Optional” System for Airport Searches

MilSat Magazine (May 2011)

Balloons vs Buffoon: Aerial Propaganda Hits Kim Jong-Il – Danger Room

NASA Heavy-Lift May Result in Bid Protests – Spaceports

The Sudden Attraction of Drones in Libya – Opinio Juris

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