Library: A Round-up of Reading

February 28, 2011 at 2:46 pm | Posted in Library | Leave a comment

Michael J. Holland, Antitrust and the Airlines: The Pursuit of Market Intelligence Meets The Sherman Act, 77 Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy 307 (2010)

Tactical Aircraft: Air Force Fighter Reports Generally Addressed Congressional Mandates, but Reflected Dated Plans and Guidance, and Limited Analyses. GAO-11-323R February 24, 2011

Crowd-sourced data hold potential for positive change and human rights abuses – GeoData Policy

Congressional Research Service Report: “Satellite Surveillance — Domestic Issues” – Got GEOINT?

NASA Grants Bigelow Partially Exclusive License – NASA Watch

Libya Practices Space Warfare – Songs of Space & Nuclear Warfare

Cell phone location data subject to Fourth Amendment and is more invasive than GPS – GeoData Policy

Space ‘Poster Child’ For Cost Increases – DoD Buzz

Space Policy = What’s Funded = Regulatory Capture – Songs of Space & Nuclear Warfare

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Limits Aviation Lawsuits – Avitation Law Monitor

AIAA videos from FAA commercial space transport conf. – RLV and Space Transport News

How would a government shutdown affect NASA? – Space Politics

Hawaii Looks at New Spaceport License
– Spaceports

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