Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Grizzle, J. David, et al. Navigating the turbulence of competing interests: principles and practice of the Federal Aviation Administration. 75 J. Air L. & Com. 777-827 (2010).

Kettles, Jon and Ashley Sissell. The causal connection question in aviation insurance coverage. 75 J. Air L. & Com. 829-913 (2010).

Smith, Charles E. Air transportation taxation: the case for reform. 75 J. Air L. & Com. 915-946 (2010).

Matthew J. Kleiman, Patent rights and flags of convenience in outer space, The Space Review

Airport and Airway Trust Fund: Declining Balance Raises Concerns over Ability to Meet Future Demands, by Gerald Dillingham, director, physical infrastructure, before the Senate Committee on Finance. GAO-11-358T, February 3

MilSat Magazine (January/February 2011)

Could Congress shortchange commercial crew funding? – Space Politics

Channel Island Named First ‘Dark Sky’ Community – Space Travel Law

Unfair But Not Illegal – Songs of Space and Nuclear Warfare

Immigration Officer Puts Wife on the No-Fly List – Lowering the Bar

VA Senate Advances NewSpace Measures – Spaceports

EADS Won’t Say If KC-X Bid Changes – DoD Buzz

New Perchlorate Regulations From EPA – NASA Watch

An assessment of Isle of Man in space – RLV and Space Transport News

And now let’s hear from the Senator for Boeing… – The Multilateralist

Burmese Space Shuttle – Arms Control Wonk

Moving towards a code of conduct – Space Politics

Weather Sat Program Slammed – DoD Buzz

U.S., Croatia Sign Open Skies Air Services Agreement – Dipnote

TSA Denies Private Screeners – What’s Wrong with Some Healthy Competition? – Security Debrief

Pistole Announces Collective Bargaining Rights for TSA – Security Debrief

Tesla Crash Case: Why Wasn’t Tesla Sued? – Aviation Law Monitor

Pentagon releases National Security Space Strategy – Space Politics

NRO to Place More Focus on Science and Technology – Spatial Sustain

House appropriations committee to review NASA this week – Space Politics

CIA Views Russian Concerns Over Iran’s Space Program – Secrecy News

Developing International Space Conduct – The Way Out

The National Security Space Strategy—At Last! – All Things Nuclear

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