Library: A Round-up of Reading

January 31, 2011 at 12:48 pm | Posted in Library | 1 Comment

Leonard David, Play Nice Up There! Code of Conduct for Space Sought,

Canada’s Military Space Policy: Part 3, Towards Northern Sovereignty – Commercial Space

Is outer space big enough for the U.S. and China? – FP Passport

Lori Garver Interview on Commercial Space – Huntsville Space Professionals

New Mexico uncertainty – NewSpace Journal

WikiLeaks Spills the Beans on U.S.-German Plans to Launch High-Resolution Optical Spy Satellites? – got geoint?

Is Canadian Sovereignty at Risk by a Lack of an Indigenous Satellite Launch Capability? – SpaceRef Canada

Podcast: Should the Geospatial Community be Worried About the Federal Agency Reports on Privacy? – Directions Magazine

Budget Cuts Top Priority as 112th Congress Convenes Tomorrow – Space Policy Online

DOT enforces consumer-friendly interpretation of Montreal Convention baggage liability provisions – The NV Flyer

“Cosmic pork” and “obscene wastes of taxpayer money” – Space Politics

Soyuz Procurement That Falls Short of NASA’s Own Commercial Crew Requirements – NASA Watch

Authorizers versus appropriators – Space Politics

Do we need a Space Code of Conduct? – Songs of Space and Nuclear War

Guest columnist USA Today’s Bill McGee: What I learned serving on the government’s ‘Future of Aviation’ panel – Fast Lane

Senate pushes back on NASA HLV report – Space Politics

Human Space Exploration Framework Summary Presentation to the NASA Advisory Council – SpaceRef

More on Congress vs NASA… – RLV and Space Transport News

NASA OIG Letter to Congress on Constellation Spending – NASA Watch

Bolden interview; Nelson criticism; Supreme Court’s NASA decision – Space Politics

Resetting US-China space cooperation – Space Politics

Montreal Convention two-year limitation period not subject to tolling under local law – Montreal Convention

This Senator Has KC-X Questions – DoD Buzz

Space Security Panel – All Things Nuclear

US-China in “Strategic Dialogue” on Space – Spaceports

New Mexico v. Phillip Mocek: A Quick Reminder on ID and Photography at TSA Checkpoints – TSA Blog

Senate space subcommittee will get new ranking member – Space Politics

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