Library: A Round-up of Reading

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75/4 Journal of Air Law and Commerce:

J. David Grizzle, Amanda K. Bruchs, Robert A . Hawks & Lisa A. Holden, Navigating the Turbulence of Competing Interests: Principles and Practice of the Federal Aviation Administration, p.777

Jon Kettles & Ashley Sissell, The Causal Connection Question in Aviation Insurance Coverage,p.829

Charles E. Smith, Air Transportation Taxation: The Case for Reform, p.915

Air & Space Law, Volume 35, Number 4/5, August/September 2010:

# Leading Articles
# Ruwantíssa Abeyratne, Responsibility and Liability Aspects of the Icelandic Volcanic Eruption, p.281

# Ludger Giesberts and Guido Kleve, Compensation for Passengers in the Event of Flight Delays, p.293

# Brendan McGivern, Aircraft Subsidies and WTO Rules: The Airbus Decision, p.305

# Case Note
# Adrienne L. Lee, Canadian Court Rules that a Disruptive Passenger Is Not Entitled to Receive an Airline’s Investigation File, p.317

# Simon Liddy and Robert McGregor, Update on Australian Travel Agent Class Action, p.321

# Conference Reports
# David Learmount, Criminalization of Air Accidents: The Solutions May Be Forged in Europe, p.325

# Michail Vagias, European Regional Rounds of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition 2010, Gyor, Hungary, 27-30 April 2010, p.331

# Ram S. Jakhu and Stephan Hobe, Report on the International Interdisciplinary Congress on Space Debris, p.333

# Peter van Fenema, The International Institute of Space Law in 2010, p.337

# Pre-Announcement
# Second International Air Law Moot Court

Annals of Air and Space Law, Volume 35, Part I, 2010:


# ALAN KHEE-JIN TAN, The 2004 Damascus Agreement Liberalizing market access and ownership rules for Arab air carriers, p.1

# QIAN CHELA, Legal aspects of aircraft financing in China, p.19

# STUART R. FRAENKEL, MICHAEL G. MCQUILLEN ANTHONY U. BATTISTA, & URBAN OLSON, Collecting, preserving and presenting evidence in domestic and foreign aircraft accident cases, p.51

# D. BRUCE GARROW & KATHERINE L. AYRE, The recovery of non-pecuniary damages in Canada: The cap on recovery, jury trials, and other unique considerations for general damage awards, p.75

# CHARLES E. SCHLUMBERGER, Are alternative fuels an alternative? A review of the opportunities and challenges of alternative fuels for aviation, p.119

# STEFAN A. KAISER, Sovereignty in the air: From national security to the Single European Sky, p.153

# RUWANTISSA ABEYRATNE, The Unlawful Interference Compensation convention of 2009 and principles of state responsibility, p.177

# JAE WOON LEE, The regime of compensable damage in the modernized Rome conventions: Α comparison between article 3 of the general risks convention of 2009 and article 17 of the Montreal convention of 1999, p.213

# KUALA WEI (DAVID) CHEM, Stripped and safer? Issues of privacy and security surrounding the full body scanner, p.231

# PETER ATEH-AFAC FOSSUNGU, Separation of powers in public international law: is the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) out of or within the United Nations system? A critique of ICAO assembly elections, p.267

# JIMENA BLUMENKRON, A prospective analysis of the evolution of ICAO’s Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme beyond 2010, p.297

# JULIE ATWELL, Report of the rapporteur on the development of new legal instruments for the suppression of unlawful acts against the safety of civil aviation: Special sub-committee of the legal committee on the preparation of one or more legal instruments addressing new and emerging threats, p.323

# ALEJANDRO PIERA & MICHAEL GILL, Unruly and disruptive passengers: do we need to revisit the international legal regime?, p.355

# GEORGE S. ROBINSON & CHARLES E. SMITH, Quantum physics and the biology of space law: The interstitial glue of global support fοτ space migration and a proposed commercial management infrastructure, p.367

# RANJANA KAUL, Liability implications of the use of global navigation satellite systems (GLASS) fοτ communication, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management (CNS/ ATM) in civil aviation – with special focus on India, p.411

# DIANE HOWARD, One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor: Α comment on the failed MDA/ATK transaction, p.441

# Mark Andrew Glynn, GEORGE LELOUDAS, Risk and liability in air law, p.453

# Michael C. Mineiro, THOMAS GANGALE, The development of outer space: sovereignty and property rights in international space law, p.457

# Michael Dodge, FRANCIS LYALL & PAUL Β. LARSEN, Space Law: Α treatise, p.461

PODCAST: Kevin Pomfret, Executive Director, Centre for Spatial Law and Policy, Discusses GEOINT Policy and Law Trends – Got GEOINT?

Guest blogger FAA Randy Babbitt: FAA seeks your help to curb laser incidents – Fast Lane

CR passes House, with an interesting shuttle provision – Space Politics

Virginia Spaceport May Gain Funding in Congressional Continuing Resolution – Spaceports

Drudge – India wants apology for TSA patdown of diplomat… – Y’all Politics

Spatial Law and Policy Update (December 8, 2010) – Spatial Law and Policy

TSA Threats of Retaliation for Refusal of Intrusive Body Searches are Empty Rhetoric – Aviation & Airport Development Law Blog

Briefs: Dragon’s impact on space policy; COTS plans – RLV and Space Transport News

Wanted: Space Strategy – DoD Buzz

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