Library: A Round-up of Reading

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NASA: Medium Launch Transition Strategy Leverages Ongoing Investments but Is Not Without Risk. GAO-11-107, November 22.

Aviation Security: DHS has Taken Steps to Enhance International Aviation Security and Facilitate Compliance with International Standards, but Challenges Remain, by Stephen Lord, director, homeland security and justice issues, before the Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. GAO-11-238T, November 30.

NASA: Issues Implementing the NASA Authorization Act of 2010, by Cristina Chaplain, director, acquisition and sourcing management, and Susan A. Poling, managing associate general counsel, before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. GAO-11-216T, December 1.

CRS – Changes in Airport Passenger Screening Technologies and Procedures: Frequently Asked Questions

Milsat Magazine (Nov./Dec. 2010)

Do New High-Tech Scans at the Airport Violate the Fourth Amendment? – Volokh Conspiracy

“If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.” – Homeland Security Watch

Space policy tough love, and space security recommendations – Space Politics

NASA OIG Is Investigating Human Rating Requirements – NASA Watch

Senate Report on the New START Treaty – Secrecy News

Space: Think Frontier, Not Commons – Songs of Space and Nuclear War

Opting-out of Advanced Imaging Technology and the Pat-down Doesn’t Fly – TSA Blog

Are airport X-ray scanners harmful? – Cosmic Log

Montreal Convention eats passenger’s breakfast claim – NV Flyer

NASA Regulation of Commercial Space? – Spaceports

Spatial Law and Policy Update (November 16, 2010) – Spatial Law and Policy Update

Wayne Hale: require & enforce standards, but don’t select them – RLV and Space Transport News

A spaceflight raffle – with a change in rules – NewSpace Journal

How to steal a body-scan picture – Cosmic Log

Ron Paul Introduces New Air Traveler Act – Aviation Law Prof Blog

New START: A missile-defense-friendly treaty – MDAA

Secret U.S. Space Plane May Be Too Mysterious – Danger Room

TSA Screening Procedures: Protecting Your Junk – Security Debrief

Court affirms airline’s right to make rule changes causing loss of accrued frequent flyer mileage – The NV Flyer

Dear Airline Letters – Volokh Conspiracy

China Shows Off Its Drones – Volokh Conspiracy

China’s Drone Production – Opinio Juris

Outlook for FY2011 Appropriations Remains Murky – Space Policy Online

Stopped START Means More Spy Sats For The IC? – Songs of Space & Nuclear War

More Friday Fun: The New TSA Security Procedures (from a Canadian Perspective) – International Law Prof Blog

Airports Who Opt out of TSA Screening are Still Regulated by TSA – TSA Blog

New U.S./EU Airline Alliance Report Available – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Thoughts on the TSA Controversy – Lawfare

On drones – IntLawGrrls

Melbourne Journal of International Law, Vol. 11-1: Opinio Juris Online Symposium – Opinio Juris

‘Fly Me to the Moon: How Will International Law Cope with Commercial Space Tourism?’ by Steven Freeland – Opinio Juris

A Response to Steven Freeland by Frans G von der Dunk – Opinio Juris

A Response to Frans G von der Dunk by Steven Freeland – Opinio Juris

The Pat Down … – Homeland Security Watch

Thoughts on Being Groped by TSA – Lawfare

No KC-X Protest, For Now – DoD Buzz

Petition for Certiorari Filed in Pineda-Moreno, The Ninth Circuit GPS Case – Volokh Conspiracy

Third Circuit affirms dismissal of airline’s declaratory judgment action on forum non conveniens grounds – The NV Flyer

Will searches ever catch terrorists? – Cosmic Log

Canadian Military Space Policy to be Released in Early New Year – Space Ref Canada

Spatial Law and Policy 2011 Conference (January 12, 2011) – Spatial Law and Policy

Spatial Law and Policy Update (November 22, 2011) – Spatial Law and Policy

European Space Ministers Emphasize Space-Based Infrastructure, Exploration – Space Policy Online

Legal and Military Obstacles Hamper Canadian Space Assets Data Sharing – SpaceRef Canada

Deficit commission quietly edits a recommendation – Space Politics

European Ministers Voice Support for Galileo, GMES – EARSC

Airline prevails on summary judgment by proving it took all reasonable measures to avoid delaying passengers – NV Flyer

Senators Skeptical About Administration’s Intent on NASA Authorization Act – Space Policy Online

Australian Spatial Council Releases Online Map Guidelines – GeoData Policy

Spatial Law and Policy Update (December 2, 2010) – Spatial Law and Policy Update

Senate wants NASA to follow all of the law – Space Politics

Draft California Airport Land Use Planning Handbook Available for Review and Comment – Aviation and Airport Development Blog

Coming soon: a US decision on supporting a space “code of conduct” – Space Politics

New START Ratification: Seeing the Bigger Picture – FAS Strategic Security Blog

Obama’s Space Policy – Good/Bad For NASA? – NASA Watch

U.S. Center at COP-16: Using Space Technology To Improve Environmental Management – Dipnote

Space Agencies Join For Savings – DoD Buzz

On international teams, how do US team members cooperate with the ret of their team without violating ITAR? Do they have to male their subsystem with little communication to other team members? – The Launch Pad

FAA releases documents on Falcon 9/Dragon flight approval process – RLV and Space Transport News

Limited Liability Companies May Protect Aircraft Owners – Aviation Law Monitor

Utilizing the Canadian Economic Action Plan – Commercial Space

Outer Space Treaty – Universe Today

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