US Signs 100 Open Skies Agreements

November 30, 2010 at 8:55 pm | Posted in Aviation Law | Leave a comment

by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

Source – The Fast Lane Blog:

DOT signs 100th Open Skies agreement

Recently, we received fantastic news about our efforts to support our domestic airline industry. Colombia, negotiating with the Department’s Office of International Aviation, signed on to become our 100th Open-Skies partner.

Reaching 100 Open-Skies agreements is a major milestone in US aviation history. Travelers, shippers, airlines, and economies all over the world have benefited from the competitive pricing and more convenient service that Open Skies make possible.

Airplaneglobe Colombia–our most recent partner–is an important aviation market for the US. There are more than 200 flights back and forth each week, with 4-5 million passengers traveling between our two nations every year. And the country is not just a popular tourist destination. It’s an essential destination for many American businesses, serving as a traditional inroad into the rest of South America.

And this is just one example of our 100 valued Open Skies partners.

The US now has Open Skies partnership agreements with more than half the world’s nations, and competition-friendly agreements with many others. Partners include most of Europe and Asia, Australia, and several countries in other parts of the world, including South and Central America.

This is a huge accomplishment. It reduces the decision-making powers of governments and allows airlines to make choices more closely based in market realities. This allows airlines to grow their international services, offering travelers more options for getting where they need to go.

Open Skies also allows for greater market flexibility. Once the latest Open Skies partnership takes effect at the end of 2010, airlines from the US and Colombia will be allowed to select routes, destinations and prices for both passenger and cargo service based on market conditions and what consumers want.

Next, our negotiators will continue working to form an Open Skies partnership with Brazil. We are hopeful that ongoing discussions will be successful, further liberalizing and expanding the global aviation market for American businesses and American travelers.

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