ABA 2010: Labor Relations Update

October 27, 2010 at 10:10 am | Posted in Blogcast, Space Law Current Events | Leave a comment

by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

The second panel of the day was the Labor Relations Update chaired by Robert DeLucia, AIRCON. The panelists were Donald W. Maliniak, Littler Mendelson; Marcus C. Migliore, ALPA; and E. Scott Smith, Fisher and Phillips.

Migliore started with a discussion on proposed limitations on flight duty time. He stated that ALPA’s position was that the current regulations did not protect flight crews nor lead to safety for the passengers on planes. He said that these changes would affect both the training regime as well as flight duty times. He stated that it was currently unclear as to exactly what the changes were going to be, but that the changes were coming. He said that the changes will affect labor relations in the realm of negotiating, hiring, pay, and scheduling.

Maliniak continued the discussion of the proposed changes. He said that the changes could be extensive and could affect a variety of issues in a collective bargaining agreement. He said that one of the problems with the proposed rules is that they did not address the commuting pilot (i.e. the practice of pilots flying to catch the plane that they are piloting). He stated that a comprehensive study and then regulations in order to cope with this was needed.

Smith stated that the proposed rules do include commuting time as duty time, and this would help to restrict the airlines and that there would be effects in bargaining between labor and the airlines as a result of this. Smith then moved to a discussion of new rules affecting collective bargaining and voting within Unions.

The panel also discussed how mergers and consolidation affect labor relations for airlines, how disputes are settled, and legislative measures that affect labor relations.

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