Library: A Round-up of Reading

October 11, 2010 at 1:50 pm | Posted in Library | 1 Comment

Jeff Foust, Charting a Flexible Path, The Space Review

ESPI Report 28: “The Role of Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures in Advancing Space Security”

ESPI Report 27: “Prospects for Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures in Space”

“ESPI Perspectives 39” on “Challenges for Europe in Space”

Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites: Improvements Needed in Continuity Planning and Involvement of Key Users. GAO-10-799, September 1. E-report

Air Ambulance: Effects of Industry Changes on Services Are Unclear. GAO-10-907, September 30.

Victoria Samson, The 2010 Obama Space Policy: Sustainability, International Engagement and Stability in Space (Secure World Foundation)

ESPI Report 29: “Space Applications as a Supporting Tool for Countering Piracy –Outline for a European Approach”

SatMagazine (October 2010)

First Committee Monitor (First Edition, 11 October 2010)

A Deluge of Material from NSGIC 2010 – NSGIC

Astronaut sues pop singer – CollectSpace

FAA Ignores NTSB Safety Recommendations – Aviation Law Monitor

Space Diplomacy – Arms Control Wonk

Senate Approves UK and Oz Defense Cooperation Treaties – Export Law Blog

NASA Authorization Act of 2010 – GeoData Policy

National Data Resources and Files Are Released for Free Public Access – GeoData Policy

The 61st International Astronautical Congress Photograph Slideshow – Space Ref

HSPD-12 Gets Its Day In Court – NASA Watch

E.T. calling? Here’s what to do – Cosmic Log

International Space Politics: China to ISS? – Spaceports

NewSpace in Journal of Space Law – RLV and Space Transport News

NASA v. Nelson Oral Argument Aftermath – What Should the Majority Opinion Look Like? – Prawfs Blawg

GAO Denies US Aerospace Protest – DoD Buzz

U.S. Space Policy: What Has Changed, Remarks by Marcia Smith to an IFRI/SWF Conference – Space Policy Online

Paradigm Shift Needed, National Security Space Experts Agree – Space Policy Online

Virginia Congressman Sees Red About ISS – Spaceports

US Court Tosses Out All Air France Flight 447 Cases – Aviation Law Monitor

What Happens When You Find the FBI’s GPS Tracker on Your Car – Faculty Lounge

Outer Space Treaty 43-Years Old Today – Spaceports

Secure World Foundation Tackled Space Debris, Policy Issues During IAC – Parabolic Arc

Open Government Community Summit hosted by NASA – Open NASA

Sino-American Space Diplomacy: Is it time? – Spaceports

HSPD-12 Update: Government Lawyer Just Makes Things Up – NASA Watch

Strengthening International Aviation Security – TSA Blog

Dr. James Vedda, Friday, 10-8-10 – The Space Show

Monday Morning News Kick Off: Google Cars that Drive Themselves; CIA Drones Potentially Grounded Due to Lawsuit and Much More – Got GEOINT?

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