Library: A Round-up of Reading

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ZLW 2010/3:

Abeyratne, Ruwantissa, Fallout from the Icelandic Volcano – The ICAO Role/ Vulkanasche und die Rolle der ICAO/ Cendre volcanique et le rôle de l’OACI, p. 325

Leininger, Christian, Das neue Luftsicherheitsrecht der Europäischen Union: Entwicklung und Änderungen durch Inkrafttreten der Verordnung (EU) Nr. 185/2010/ Air Safety and Security Regulations in the European Union/ Le droit de la sécurité aérienne dans l’Union Européenne, p. 335

Kim, Doo Hwan, Proposal for Establishing an International Court of Air and Space Law/ Vorschlag für die Schaffung eines Internationalen Gerichtshofes für Luft- und Weltraumrecht/ Proposition pour la création d’une Cour Internationale de Droit Aérien et Spatial, p. 362

Hobe, Stephan The Moon Agreement – Let’s Use the Chance!/ Der Mondvertrag – Ein neuer Anfang!/ Le Traîté de la Lune – Profitons de la Chance!, p. 372

Jiménez-Monroy, Cynthia, The Legal Implementation of Space Cooperation in Latin America: A Proposal for a Three – Phase Plan/ Weltraumzusammenarbeit in Lateinamerika: Vorschlag für einen Dreistufenplan/ Coopération spatiale en Amérique Latine: Proposition d’un plan en trois étapes, p. 382

Dwayne A. Day, A paler shade of black, The Space Review

Jeff Foust, Space tourism and space policy, The Space Review

Zang Hongliang & Meng Qingfen, Civil Aviation Law in the People’s Republic of China (EASL Vol. 8)

Ronald M. Schnitker & Dick van het Kaar, Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation. Concurrence of Technical and Judicial Inquiries in the Netherlands (EASLS Vol. 9)

Air & Space Power Journal (Fall 2010)

MilSat Magazine (Sept.-Oct. 2010)

Joint Strike Fighter: Assessment of DOD’s Funding Projection for the F136 Alternate Engine. GAO-10-1020R, September 15

Global Positioning System: Challenges in Sustaining and Upgrading Capabilities Persist. GAO-10-636, September 15.

Legal Implications of “The Theory of Interstellar Trade” – The Faculty Lounge

Drone Attacks and Just War Theory – SWJ Blog

Space Tracking Not Good Enough – DoD Buzz

The Aircraft Dispute: The Boeing Decision – International Economic Law and Policy Blog

New START Resolution of Ratification (Why Not a CEA?) – Opinio Juris

NASA IG Clears Bolden of Ethics Law Violation – Space Policy Online

Watchdog: NASA chief missteps on ethics – The Write Stuff

Excitement on Plane for Entebbe – PHD Studies in Human Rights

Spatial Law and Policy Update (September 17, 2010) – Spatial Law and Policy

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