Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Air & Space Law, Volume 35, Number 1, February 2010:

# Leading Articles
# Berend Crans, The Implications of the EU Accession to the Cape Town Convention, p.1
# Jane Hong, Liability of Aviation Security Service Providers and Responsibility of States, p.9
# Ruwantissa Abeyratne, Negligent Entrustment of Leased Aircraft and Crew: Some Legal Issues, p.33
# Stefan A. Kaiser, Aviation Security: Technical and Regulatory Measures against MANPADS, p.45

# Conference Report
# Michel Adam, Report on the 21st Annual Conference of the European Air Law Association, p.59

# Case Notes
# Mark Franklin and Sarah Porter, Sovereignty over Airspace and the Chicago Convention: Northern Cyprus, p.63
# John Balfour, Airline Liability for Delays: The Court of Justice of the EU Rewrites EC Regulation 261/2004, p.71
# George N. Tompkins, Jr., Report from the United States – The Montreal Convention and the Doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens, p.77
# Giuseppe Guerreri, Italian Court Denies Recovery for Cerebral Haemorrhage Following 18.5-Hour Aircraft Journey, p.79
# Andrew Tulloch and Marcus Saw, Report from Australia, p.81

# Book Reviews
# Niels van Antwerpen, Jiefang Huang, Aviation Safety through the Rule of Law, ICAO’s Mechanisms and Practices, p.83
# John Balfour, Brian Havel, Beyond Open Skies, p.87

Air & Space Law, Volume 35, Number 2, April 2010:

# Leading Articles
# Kinga Arnold and Pablo Mendes de Leon, Regulation (EC) 261/2004 in the Light of the Recent Decisions of the European Court of Justice: Time for a Change?!, p.91
# Francis Schubert, Legal Aspects of Cross-Border Service Provision in the Single European Sky, p.113

# Aviation Security
# Norberto E. Luongo, Watchlists in United States and Canada: An Intricate Web, p.157
# Ruwantissa Abeyratne, The NW 253 Flight and the Global Framework of Aviation Security, p.167

# Special Report
# Ruwantissa Abeyratne, Legal and Aeronautical Issues Concerning the Earthquake in Haiti, p.183
# Arpad Szakal, Conference Report European Air Law Association: 7th Munich Liability Seminar, p.195

# Case Note
# Pablo Mendes de Leon, ATA and others v. the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (2009), p.199

# Book Review
# Wybo P. Heere, George Leloudas, Risk and Liability in Air Law, p.201
# Coming Events, p.205

S. Alan Stern, Comsats, commercial crew, Congress, and the future of American space exploration, The Space Review

6269/10 COR 1 – The EU response to the consequences of the volcanic ash cloud on air transport – Council conclusions

9617/10 – Council Decision on the signing of the Agreement on certain aspects of air services between the European Community and the United Mexican States

Lyles, Fisk and Colladay: Pendulum Has Swung Too Far The Other Way – Space Policy Online

OSD Eyes Near-Space UAVs – DoD Buzz

Holistic Approach to Space Law and Policy Needed for the Space Community – Space Policy Online

Astronaut safety and contract termination – Space Politics

Geospatial Advisory Council Legislation Passes in Georgia – NSGIC

Why aren’t they talking about the airplane? – Leeham News and Comment

HASC Keeps Airborne Laser Alive – DoD Buzz

Congress Passes STELA Act Extending Satellite Television Provisions and Changing the Definition of Unserved Household – Broadcast Law Blog

HASC Subcommittee Cuts Unclassified National Security Space Programs by $182 Million – Space Policy Online

Senate hearing miscellany – RLV and Space Transport News

Russian Generals Want Their Space Weapons, Too – Danger Room

NASA’s moon program gets a boost from Congress – The Write Stuff

Sharing Technology, Limiting Liability – Security Debrief

Senate Appropriators Repeat Prohibition on Cancelling Constellation – Space Policy Online

Reiterating their opposition – Space Politics

Canada Reclaims its Space – Arms Control Wonk

The Bill to Push Canada’s Agenda in Space – Commercial Space

Law and . . . Cosmology? – Prawfs Blawg

Spatial Law and Policy Update (May 16, 2010) – Spatial Law and Policy

A NASA policy translation guide – RLV and Space Transport News

Professionalism, a DOT, FAA watchword in aviation and throughout transportation – Fast Lane

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