Library: A Round-up of Reading

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CRS – Strategic Arms Control After START: Issues and Options

GAO – JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Significant Challenges and Decisions Ahead

Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Comprehensive Planning and a Results-Oriented Training Strategy Are Needed to Support Growing Inventories. GAO-10-331, March 26.

Response from ACLU’s Jonathan Manes on Drones and US Forces – Volokh Conspiracy

£41 million for UK space but no Her Majesty’s agency – Hyperbola

The Idiocy of Lunar Ownership – The Space Advocate

NTSB Dismisses FAA Appeal For Untimely Filing Of Appeal Brief – Aviation Law Discussions

Other notes from Tuesday’s hearing – Space Politics

More talk (and denials) of a Plan B at NASA – Space Politics

Airbus Naughty, Says WTO – DoD Buzz

Space Situation Awareness Up, Counterspace and Space Control Down in FY2011 DOD Budget Request – Space Policy Online

Drone Warfare and UAVs in House Subcommittee Hearing – Opinio Juris

Update on NASA FY2011 budget and NEO funding: Near Earth Object Observation (NEOO) Initiative – Planetary Defense

U.S. and Russia Agree on Missile-Defense Workaround for New Nuke Treaty – MDAA

Missile Defense Agency Honors Raytheon Employees for Satellite Shoot Down – MDAA

OIG: NASA Will Probably Not Retire Shuttle in 2010 – NASA Watch

Russian Bombers in UK Airspace – Coming Anarchy

Harold Koh Statements on Drone Warfare at ASIL Tonight – Volokh Conspiracy

Spatialist Workshop – Spatial Law and Policy

Good News On ITAR – Transterrestrial Musings

Drone Attacks Are Legit Self-Defense, Says State Dept. Lawyer – Danger Room

House Authorization Hearing on NASA’s Exploration Plans: A Hearing Summary – Space Policy Online

If at first you don’t succeed… – Space Politics

NAR/TRA joint statement on legal fee recovery – Dick’s Rocket Dungeon

Drone Warfare Subcommittee Testimony, Up at SSRN – The Volokh Conspiracy

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