Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Journal of Air Law and Commerce, Volume 74, Number 4, Fall 2009:

# Mervyn E. Bennun & Gavin McKellar, Flying Safely, the Prosecution of Pilots, and the ICAO Chicago Convention: Some Comparative Perspectives, p.737
# John T. Conklin, National Transportation Safety Board Aircraft Accident Reports: The Long Lost Legislative History of Section 701 (E), p.781
# William D. Janicki, Aircraft Accident Reports and Other Government Documents: Evidentiary Use in International Air Crash Litigation in the United States, p.801
# Geoff Kass & Violet O’Brien, Aircraft Crashes: Should Aircraft Lessors be Held Liable?, p.845
# Michael Olbrich, Gerrit Brösel & Manus Hasslinger, The Valuation of Airport Slots, p.897
# Chris Sagers, “Rarely Tried, And … Rarely Successful”: Theoretically Impossible Price Predation Among the Airlines, p.919
# Zhao Yun, A Legal Regime for Space Tourism: Creating Legal Certainty in Outer Space, p.959

Peter J Brown, China vents anger with missile test, Asia Times

Taylor Dinerman, Space systems and missile defense in 2010, The Space Review

GAO – Briefing on Commercial and Department of Defense Space System Requirements and Acquisition Practices

CRS – Air Force C-17 Aircraft Procurement: Background and Issues for Congress

Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Annual Report for 2009

Orbital Debris Quarterly News (V. 14, no. 10)

Told You So… – Arms Control Wonk

The Pentagon Will Get to It When It Gets to It – Export Law Blog

Cecil Field gets spaceport license – but will anyone use it? – NewSpace Journal

Jacksonville Spaceport: The sky’s not the limit anymore – The Write Stuff

Cecil Field restricted to air launched rocket systems – RLV and Space Transport News

UN COPUOS Scientific and Technical Subcommittee for February 2010: NEO Portion – Planetary Defense

Google Finally Shows IRI Space Center – Arms Control Wonk

Industry Groups Continue to Press Obama on Export Control Reform – Space Policy Online

Posey still fighting for the shuttle – Space Politics

An outline of the new space policy? – Space Politics

Earthquake in Haiti: Role of GEOINT and Natural Disasters – Got GEOINT?

New paradigms in human spaceflight policy – Space Politics

An Intersection of Air & Space Law – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Legislation Being Drafted to Keep Space Shuttle Flying – Space Policy Online

Satellites to the rescue – Cosmic Log

Pack a Gun to Protect Valuables from Airline Theft or Loss – Lifehacker

Another bid to extend the shuttle (and more) – Space Politics

Orbital Debris Solution: Tax Satellite Operators to Create Recycling and Removal Fund – Parabolic Arc

Thoughts on Commercial Human Orbital Spaceflight – Wayne Hale’s Blog

There Are No Children on the No Fly or Selectee Lists – The TSA Blog

Virginia Congressman Touts Spaceport – Spaceports

Virginia Spaceflight Liability & Immunity Sunset Repeal Referred to Committee – Spaceports

ASAP and space policy – Space Politics

The Use of Satellites in Haitian Earthquake Relief Efforts – Space Issues

NASA Safety Panel Lays Out Concerns About Human Spaceflight Program – Space Policy Online

New Report on the Plane Crash that Launched the Rwandan Genocide – PhD studies in human rights

Feingold bill would delay Constellation – Space Politics

Frustrated Passenger Gets Arrested for Tweeting Airport Bomb Threat – Gizmodo

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