United Kingdom: Statutory Instrument 2009 No. 3015 – The Air Navigation Order 2009

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by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

The United Kingdom’s <a href="http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2009/pdf/uksi_20093015_en.pdf“>Statutory Instrument 2009 No. 3015: The Air Navigation Order 2009 (PDF) was made on 17th November 2009 and laid before Parliament on 24th November 2009. According to the Explanatory Memorandum the purpose of the act is:

The Air Navigation Order 2009 (“the ANO”) is a substantial piece of secondary legislation by which aviation standards are implemented and air navigation is regulated. The ANO is wide-ranging, covering aircraft (airworthiness, operation and certification), air crew, passengers, cargo, air traffic services and aerodromes. Certain articles extend to the flying of kites and model aircraft.

Congressional Hearings on Space

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by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

There will be two hearings on Congressional hearings on space this week:

House Committee on Science and Technology Subcommittee on Space & Aeronautics:
Ensuring the Safety of Human Space Flight
December 2, 2009

* Mr. Bretton Alexander, President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation
* Dr. Joseph Fragola, Vice President, Valador Inc.
* Mr. Jeff Hanley, Program Manager, Constellation Program, Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, NASA
* Mr. John Marshall, Council Member, Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, NASA
* Mr. Bryan O’Connor, Chief of Safety and Mission Assurance, NASA
* Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Thomas Stafford


House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure December 2, 2009; Subcommittee on Aviation
Commercial Space Transportation
Decmeber 2, 2009

Dr. George C. Nield
Dr. Gerald Dillingham
Mr. J.P. Stevens
Mr. Jeff Greason
Mr. James A. Testwuide

Res Communis Takes Time to Celebrate

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by Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz with the blog faculty

No posts today. We are celebrating U.S. Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for all of you who visit Res Communis.

See you next week.

Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Richard Elkind, Who Owns the Moon?, The Cornell Daily Sun

White Papers
Space Foundation – Space Applications for International Development

MilsatMagazine (November 2009)

ESA Bulletin 140 (November 2009)

Another Zodiac In-Flight Breakup Triggers an NSTB “I told you so” – Aviation Law Monitor

Canada Refrains from the Agenda for Freedom – Aviation Law Prof Blog

TSA To Inspect Jet Repair Shops Under New Proposal – Security Debrief

Nonexistent Worldwide Airline Check-in System Meltdown? – IEEE Spectrum Risk Factor

China and US To Seek Space Cooperation – Spaceports

Gordon Brown announces OS maps to be free online – Free Our Data

Japan’s Space Budget Under Stress – Space Policy Online

Big Price Tag Connected to the Joint Strike Fighter – Budget Insight

Space tourism smear – RLV and Space Transport News

Spy Agency Changes Spark Mistrust – DoD Buzz

Wednesday Export Law Grab Bag – Export Law Blog

Growth of Global Space Capabilities Highlighted in Congressional Testimony – Secure World Foundation

Canada-Finland Space Collaboration: Future Developments Could Produce Legal Minefield for Outer Space Activities – Confident Grimace

There’s Water on the Moon, But Who Owns It? – Wall Street Journal Law Blog

US Military Wants Armed Spy Bots in Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles – MDAA

Will the Under Secretary of the Air Force Still Be DOD Executive Agent for Space? – Space Policy Online

Seeking to Overturn the Dismissal of its Challenge to the East Coast Airspace Redesign, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Files Petition for Certiorari to the U. S. Supreme Court – Aviation and Airport Development Law Blog

California Utility Regulators May Approve Space-based Solar Power Commercial Project – Spaceports

Cosmos-2455 – a new generation electronic intelligence satellite – Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces

Safir Fin, Trajectory & Staging Details – Arms Control Wonk

IMSO Signs LRIT Agreement with Nigeria

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by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

From the IMSO:

19 November 2009
The IMSO Director General, Captain Esteban Pacha-Vicente, today signed an LRIT Services Agreement between IMSO and the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA). This Agreement represents the institutional arrangements between IMSO and NIMASA as operator of the Nigerian National LRIT Data Centre, at governmental level. NIMASA has also signed a contract with Pole Star Space Applications Limited to operate Nigeria’s National Data Centre on its behalf.

The Agreement was signed on behalf of NIMASA by Mr Temisan Omatseye, the Director General and Chief Executive of NIMASA who had flown from Nigeria for the day especially for the occasion in line with Nigeria’s seriousness in the compliance and implementation of the LRIT scheme. Mr Omatseye expressed his appreciation to IMSO for the dedicated work it continues to carry out to ensure the integrity and timely worldwide operation of the LRIT system. He discussed with IMSO the possibilities that the LRIT system offers to Nigeria to improve maritime safety and security, including monitoring transit and operations of ships in the area. . . . [Full Press Release]

NASA-ISRO Agreement on Oceansat-2 Data

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by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty


NASA Signs Agreement With ISRO For Indian Satellite

US space agency NASA has signed an agreement with ISRO to use data from Indian satellite Oceansat-2, for various American agencies for research activities, including weather forecasting.

Launched on September 23, 2009 using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle from Sriharikota, Oceansat-2; is designed to provide service continuity for operational users of the Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) instrument on Oceansat-1.

The agreement with the Indian Space Research Organisation will lead to the use of data from Oceansat-2 for various US agencies for research, education and other activities of public good including weather forecasting.

The Letter of Intent in this regard was signed by Michael H Freilich, Director Earth Science Division, National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Mary E Kicza Assistant Administrator for Satellite and Information Science of the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; and R R Navalgund, Director, Space Application Centre, ISRO.

New US-EU Aviation Liberalization Agreement

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by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

From Aviation Week:

U.S., EU Sign Aviation Liberalization Agreement

Nov 20, 2009
Adrian Schofield/Washington

Airlines believe a new liberalization commitment signed by seven countries and the European Commisson could play a major role in untangling the cross-border restrictions that are stifling the industry.

The signatories have agreed to a statement of policy principles, which are aimed at boosting market access and encouraging the flow of international capital to airlines. Both these goals are seen by the industry as vital to achieving long-term financial stability. . . .[Full Story]

French Bond Issue Could be Used for Space

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by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

From Space News:

French Bond Issue Could be Boon for Space
By Peter B. de Selding

PARIS — A French government commission on Nov. 19 proposed investing 2 billion euros ($3 billion) of a planned 35 billion-euro government bond issue in new aeronautical and space technologies including Earth observation and broadband spacecraft.

The commission, headed by former French prime ministers Alain Juppe and Michel Rocard, estimated that the total investment package would expand to 60 billion euros when private-sector and possible European Union contributions are included. . . . [Full Story]

Gujarat National Law University to Launch Space Law Course

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by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

From Indian Express:

In a first, GNLU to offer space law course soon

Though several international conventions on space technology are held in India, for the first time a concrete step has been taken in the direction of framing legislation for space applications.

In a first across the country, the Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) is launching a degree course on ‘Space Law’ from 2010.

The single semester optional course (at PG degree level) will be conducted in coordination with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and will be offered to 160 students.

Though India has a space policy, there is no comprehensive law on space legislation.

GNLU Director Bimal Patel said that earmarking a space law will have a promotional effect and will increase the Indian space economy.

The course aims to put Indian space programme in accordance with the international context. As India is increasingly taking up projects in collaboration with other countries, the course will also look at the liabilities in context of the space application. It will address issues like compensation for damage and accountability.

United Kingdom: Statutory Instrument 2009 No. 3018 – The Carriage by Air (Revision of Limits of Liability under the Montreal Convention) Order 2009

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by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

The United Kingdom’s Statutory Instrument 2009 No. 3018: The Carriage by Air (Revision of Limits of Liability under the Montreal Convention) Order 2009 (PDF) was made on 17 November 2009 and comes into force on 30th December 2009. The explanatory notes states:


(This note is not part of the Order)

This Order certifies the revised limits of liability established under the Montreal Convention 1999. The revision of the limits was accomplished under Article 24 of that Convention. Article 24 provides that the limits of liability are to be reviewed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) at five-year intervals by reference to an inflation factor which corresponds to the accumulated rate of inflation since the date of entry into force of the Convention. In the absence of disapproval by a majority of State Parties the revised limits become effective six months after their notification to State Parties by ICAO. The limits are expressed in Special Drawing Rights (SDR), a unit of account established by the International Monetary Fund. The SDR is defined as a basket of currencies, today consisting of the euro, Japanese yen, pound sterling and U.S. dollar.

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