Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Extra large to make up for our week off.

Sarah Coffey, ESTABLISHING A LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR PROPERTY RIGHTS TO NATURAL RESOURCES IN OUTER SPACE, 41 Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law 119 (2009).

Tare C. Brisibe, Customary International Law, Arms Control and the Environment in Outer Space, 8 Chinese Journal of International Law 375-393 (2009).

Yvenson St-Fleur, Aerial Belligerency within a Humanitarian Rhetoric: Exploring the Theorizing of the Law of War/Terrorizing of Civilians’ Rights Nexus, 8 Chinese Journal of International Law 347-373 (2009).

34 Air & Space Law:

# Leading articles
# Persons with Disabilities and Their Right to Fly
Norberto E. Luongo, p.149
# A Critical Look at ICAO Policies on Charges Levied for Airports and Air Navigation Services
Ruwantissa Abeyratne, p.177
# Recent EU Legislative Action on Airports
Maarten Peeters, p.189

# Case Note
# Regulation EC 261/2004 and ‘Extraordinary Circumstances’
Alexander Milner, p.215

# Case Law Digest
# Balloons are Aircraft and Two Years Means Two Years
Robert Lawson, p.221
# Compensation Claims for Lost Shipments
Holger Bürskens and Carsten Vyvers, p.223

# Coming Events, p.225

Kraml, Valerie. Note. Symbol of freedom: ATSA and international efforts to increase security. 32 Hastings Int’l & Comp. L. Rev. 731-764 (2009).

Weiner, David J. Recent developments in aviation law. 44 Tort Trial & Ins. Prac. L.J. 245-295 (2009).

Mohan, Anand. Legal issues in the deployment of a dedicated satellite for the Indian Navy. 74 J. Air L. & Com. 25-53 (2009).

Park, Sang-Bum, Jin-Woo Park and Mohammad Akter Hossan. Investigating the effects of financial benefits of operating leases on air carriers’ profits. 74 J. Air L. & Com. 55-69 (2009).

Prum, Darren A. Flight check: are air carriers any closer to providing gambling on international flights that land or depart from the United States? 74 J. Air L. & Com. 71-102 (2009).

Hamner, J. Cade. Case note. No-fly list–the Ninth Circuit misapplies congressional intent of 49 U.S.C. Section 46110, a decision that opens the doors of district courts to no-fly list challenges … (Ibrahim v. Department of Homeland Security, 538 F.3d 1250, 2008.) 74 J. Air L. & Com. 105-112 (2009).

Maher, Katrina. Case note. Preemption–the preemptive scope of the Airline Deregulation Act as amended by the Whistleblower Protection Program … (Wright v. NORDAM Group, Inc., No. 07-CV-0699-CVE-PJC, 2007 WL 802986, 2008.) 74 J. Air L. & Com. 113-119 (2009).

McBride, Paul. Case note. Takings–the Federal Circuit denies compensation for passenger screening companies pushed out of the airport by the Aviation and Transportation Security Act … (Huntleigh USA Corp. v. Inited States, 525 F.3r 1370, 2008.) 74 J. Air L. & Com. 121-129 (2009).

Williams, Benjamin D. Case note. Antidiscrimination law–in the face of racial profiling, the First Circuit holds that longstanding antidiscrimination principles must yield to airline safety … (Cerqueira v. American Airlines, Inc., 520 F.3d 1, 2008.) 74 J. Air L. & Com. 131-142 (2009).

Victoria Jaggard, Who Owns the Moon? The Galactic Government vs. the UN, National Geographic News

Committee on the Rationale and Goals of the U.S. Civil Space Program; National Research Council – America’s Future in Space: Aligning the Civil Space Program with National Needs

Jasani, B.; Niemeyer, I.; Nussbaum, S.; Richter, B.; Stein, G. (Eds.) – International Safeguards and Satellite Imagery: Key Features of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Computer-Based Analysis (2009, VIII, 176 p., Hardcover) ISBN: 978-3-540-79131-7

Gregory Kulacki and Jeffrey G. Lewis, A Place for One’s Mat: China’s Space Program, 1956–2003 (2009)

Philippe Achilleas, Droit de l’espace – Télécommunication, observation, navigation, défense, exploration (Larcier 2009)

Magazines and Newsletters
SatMagazine (August 2009)

Orbital Debris Quarterly News v. 13 n. 3

GAO – AVIATION WEATHER: FAA and the National Weather Service Are Considering Plans to Consolidate Weather Service Offices, But Face Significant Challenges

NEW BLOG: U.S. Space Law and Policy

Joint Statement on Missile Defense Issues – Arms Control Wonk

Aging Air Force Satellites Could Send GPSs Incomplete Directions and Decrease Accuracy of Strikes – Got GEOINT?

“America’s Future in Space” – Space Politics

Where’s the Joint Understanding for the START Follow-on Treaty? – Opinio Juris

Sat Marks the Spot, Uncovers Pirate Weapons Haul – Danger Room

Air Canada to Bankruptcy Court? – Aviation Law Prof Blog

BIS Order Strands Spanish Flight Crews in Syria – Export Law Blog

Don’t mess with Texas? – Space Politics

Small businesses and shuttle retirement – Space Politics

Whistleblower Alleges ‘Major Shortcomings’ in Stealth Jet – Danger Room


The Fortieth Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing and the Future of Space Law – Opinio Juris

Revising the Outer Space Treaty – Professor Bainbridge

XCOR And Space Law – Transterrestrial Musings

A New Outer Space Treaty? – Anthony Clark Arend

Havel on DOT/DOJ Tensions – Aviation Law Prof Blog

The Journey After “One Giant Leap for Mankind” – Dipnote

U.S. Diplomacy Supports Space Exploration – Dipnote

Air Shunt Settles Export Charges; Former Exec Still at Large – Export Law Blog

The Big Picture – what is really at stake with the START follow-on Treaty – FAS Strategic Security Blog

Corruption plagues mayor’s race in cosmonaut city – FP Passport

Science Partnerships as International Leadership – Open NASA

NRO Releases Portion of 2009 Budget Justification – Secrecy News

India’s former president is a threat to air safety? – FP Passport

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