Library: A Round-up of Reading

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34 Air & Space Law:

# Leading articles
Onno Rijsdijk, A Particular Aircraft Accident Litigation Scenario, p.57

Lucien Rapp, When France Puts Its Own Stamp on the Space Law Landscape: Comments on Act No. 2008-518 of 3 June 2008 Relative to Space Operations, p.87

Geert Goeteyn, EC Aviation Scene Major Developments July 2008-November 2008, p.105

Carlos Grau Tanner, Agenda for Freedom for International Air Transport New Proposals to Break the Foreign Ownership Deadlock in the Airline Industry, p.127

# Case Notes
Tim Marland, Reports on Montreal Convention 1999 Court Decisions Court of Appeal Does Not Put a Foot Wrong, p.135

Brian F. Havel and Niels van Antwerpen, The Dutch Ticket Tax and Article 15 of the Chicago Convention, p.141

# Coming Events, p.147

Taylor Dinerman, Sustainability: just another excuse for a UN power grab?, The Space Review

GAO – HOMELAND DEFENSE: Actions Needed to Address Management of Air Sovereignty Alert Operations to Protect U.S. Airspace

GAO – AVIATION SAFETY: Potential Strategies to Address Air Ambulance Safety Concerns

Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites: Acquisition Is Under Way, but Improvements Needed in Management and Oversight. GAO-09-323, April 2

Transportation Security: Comprehensive Risk Assessments and Stronger Internal Controls Needed to Help Inform TSA Resource Allocation. GAO-09-492, March 27

GAO – GEOSTATIONARY OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL SATELLITES: Acquisition Has Increased Costs, Reduced Capabilities, and Delayed Schedules

ESPI – Space Power and Europe in the 21st Century

Space Deterrence Concept of Increasing Relevance to Security of U.S. Space – Secure World Foundation Blog

Does Amb. Rice Believe UN Security Council Presidential Signing Statements are Legally Binding? – Opinio Juris

Michael Krepon’s Shoebox – Arms Control Wonk

European Commission Investigates Star, oneworld – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Russia wants the ABM Treaty back – Russain Strategic Nuclear Forces

SLVs and ICBMs – Total Wonker

Brazilians Have Been Hacking U.S. Navy Satellites with Homemade Gear for Years – Got GEOINT?

Divorce, Pentagon Style – DoD Buzz

Is COTS-D Gaining Ground? – NASA Watch

The Cold War’s legacy, not ITAR is your problem Mr Bigelow – Hyperbola

More from the Conference on NEO Law and Policy – Planetary Society Blog

Airline passenger “Bill of Rights” legislation resurrected – NV Flyer

PlanetSpace Denied Protest to Halt Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport Orbital Launches – Spaceports

2009 IAA Planetary Defense Conference: Day 1 (Introduction and Session 1 Part 1/2) – Planetary Defense

2009 IAA Planetary Defense Conference: Day 1 (Session 1 – Part 2/2) – Planetary Defense

DoD TableTop Exercise on Planetary Defense Online – Planetary Defense

The Necessity of Science – The White House Blog

No space trip for you Mr Chen* – Hyperbola

Edward Teller on the ABM Treaty – Arms Control Wonk

Restricting ITAR restrictions – RLV and Space Transport News

2009 IAA Planetary Defense Conference: Day 2 (Session 2 – Part 1/2) – Planetary Defense

Better Data Needed To Enhance Civil and Commercial Spaceflight – Secure World Foundation

Space Florida launchpad fails to win federal funding – The Write Stuff

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