Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Gérardine Meishan Goh, Softly, Softly Catchee Monkey: Informalism and the Quiet Development of International Space Law, 87 Nebraska Law Review 725 (2009).

Pierre Schlag, Spam Jurisprudence, Air Law, and the Rank Anxiety of Nothing Happening (A Report on the State of the Art), 97 Georgetown Law Journal 803 (2009).

Hirotaka WATANABE, The Kennedy Administration and Project Apollo: International Competition and Cooperation through Space Policy, 56 Osaka University Law Review 31 (2009).

Willie D. Jones, Space Debris Be Damned: Intelsat Flies a Satellite 77 000 Kilometers Without a Collision , IEEE Spectrum Online

KELLY OLSEN, North Korea launch a test for international law,

Masako Toki, Japan’s response to the North Korean satellite launch, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Christopher Stone, How should we secure our space-based assets as a nation?, The Space Review

Taylor Dinerman, North Korea proves the point: ICBMs are proliferating, The Space Review


Markus Geisler and Marius Boewe, The German Civil Aviation Act (2009)

NASA OIG – Final Memorandum on Audit of the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) Program Management Effectiveness (Report No. IG-09-013; Assignment No. A-08-011-00)

SatMagaizne (April 2009)

Missile Defense Cheerleader: Unleash the Giant, Floating Golf Ball! – Danger Room

FBI Nabs Robbers With Google Map, Spycam Mashup – Danger Room

SWF’s Phil Smith: Panel Member Details the Next Space Age – Secure World Foundation

U.S. Federal Budget Has Plenty of Room for Space Program – IEEE Spectrum Online

Sherman’s march towards ITAR reform – Space Politics

Blair, Gates OK Multi-Billion Secret Sats – DoD Buzz

North Korea Threatens to Shoot Down U.S. Spy Planes; What About Our Satellites? – Got GEOINT?

IALI & GMF Event Report – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Yet Another Test That the UN Will Fail – Security Dilemmas

Dual Tanker Buy Could Save Billions: Murtha – DoD Buzz

If It Quacks Like A Satellite – Total Wonker

AUDIO: Secure World Foundation talks space and a safer planet – Hyperbola


NRO Director: Industrial Base Issues Flagged – Secure World Foundation

ESA space tourism environmental impact study goes on – Hyperbola

Air Force Base Adopts “100% Shred Policy” – Secrecy News

Federal Aviation Act Does Not Preempt Choice Of Law Provision In Maintenance Contract

Space Control – Really Rocket Science

Dr. Marshall Kaplan of Johns Hopkins Discusses Debris Removal Options – Secure World Foundation

DPRK Launch: Things to Look For – Arms Control Wonk

Best Defense vs. North Korea’s Missile: Ignore It? (Updated) – Danger Room

Oberstar on Virgin America – Aviation Law Prof Blog

How to Get a No-Bid Contract for Russian Choppers – Danger Room

Friday’s Food for Thought: Space, No Longer the Final Frontier; And It Smells Funny – Got GEOINT?

Could Space Adventures benefit from Kazakh fall out? – Hyperbola

Incident at St. Louis International Airport – Evolution of Security

Notes: Space Access’09: Friday – Morning – Part 2 – RLV and Space Transport News

Notes: Space Access’09: Saturday Morning – Part 2 – RLV and Space Transport News

SPACE ACCESS 2009 – AUDIO: A view from Japan – Hyperbola

Video: US UN Ambassador Susan Rice on the North Korean Launch – Anthony Clark Arend

DPRK: Systemic vs. Technological Failures – Arms Control Wonk

Another Taepodong Failure – Arms Control Wonk

Claim Against United States Arising From Aircraft Accident Must Be Asserted Within Two Years – Aviation Law Discussions

Today’s Video: Space Module: Colbert – Urine Recycling Room – NASA Watch

Kim Could Still Win From Missile Misfire – Danger Room

North Korea’s Satellite Launch: Fail? – Danger Room

Gates Starts Huge Acquisition Shift; Congress Wary – DoD Buzz

North Korea Launches Rocket but Satellite Fails – Secrecy News

In space, no one can hear your propaganda – FP Passport

Monday Morning News Kick Off: The ODNI Fires Inspector General After Harsh Report and a Push for More Spy Satellites – Got GEOINT?

Space Access 2009: “Rocketplane Kistler is not dead” – Hyperbola

Gates Budget Briefing Highlights – Total Wonker

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