Russia Adopts Satellite Navigation Law

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by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

From Roscosmos press release (unofficial Google Translation):

30-01-2009 30 January 2009 year the State Duma adopted the Law «On the navigation activities”
January 30, 2009 The State Duma adopted on the second ( «for» -378) and third ( «for» – 407) readings of the bill on the navigation activities. ”

Chairman of the Committee on Defense Viktor Zavarzin reminded that the law will establish a procedure for interaction between actors in the satellite navigation activities, and create conditions for the use of satellite navigation systems, including GLONASS system, in the interests of defense and security, the various sectors of the economy, the individual consumer market, and international cooperation .

“By the bill received 12 amendments that remove the comments, Legal Department of the State Duma and the Committee proposes to adopt. As a result of refinement in the light of the amendments in the bill ensure compliance with legal technique, corrected errors in terminology, eliminated internal contradictions excluded rules duplicate provisions other pieces of legislation “, – said V. Zavarzin. He stressed that the new legal provisions in the bill does not appear and the concept of the bill remained unchanged.

“It was expected that in 2010 the orbital grouping of the GLONASS system will be fully deployed. Requisite funds in the federal budget provides for” – said V. Zavarzin.

The law will take effect from the date of its official publication, with the exception of the rules providing that, in order to provide defense and security, improve the efficiency of traffic vehicles, the safety of passenger transportation, special and hazardous cargo, conduct geodetic and cadastral works transportation, facilities and systems (including weapons, military and special equipment) shall be fitted with navigation operated by the Russian navigation system. The list of such technical tools and systems will determine the federal executive bodies, executive bodies of subjects of the Federation and local self-government in accordance with their powers. These rules scheduled to become effective on 1 January 2011.

Office of Public Relations and Interaction with the media

(information from the site of the State Duma

This is an unofficial translation and is provided to the readership of Res Communis as a convenience.

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