Library: A Round-up of Reading

November 10, 2008 at 9:07 am | Posted in Library | 1 Comment

Brian Weeden, Space Weaponization: Aye or Nay?, Arms Control Association

Dwayne Day, The Flying Spaghetti Monster: The American military space program in perpetual crisis, The Space Review

Jeff Foust, The transition from politics to policy, The Space Review

Taylor Dinerman, Will Oberstar kill the NewSpace industry?, The Space Review

Richard Kaufman, Henry Hertzfeld, &Jeffrey Lewis – Space, Security and the Economy

FAA AST – Support Services for Commercial Space Transportation (October 2008)

FAA AST – Quarterly Launch Report 4th Quarter 2008

Report of the Conference on Disarmament to the General Assembly of the United Nations (CD/1853)

Lockheed Martin F-22 Australian market penetration briefing, 2001 – WikiLeaks

FY 2008 NRO Budget Book (Federation of American Scientists)

NASA Advisory Council Recommendations
(October 16, 2008)

Magazines & Newsletters
FAA AST – AST News Bulletin, Special Edition, October 30, 2008

Space Lifestyle Magazine (Fall 2008)

SatMagazine (November 2008)

House Committee on Science and Technology (October 2008)

When’s the right time for COTS-D? – Space Politics

Will space’s influence in the House be diminished? – Space Politics

Court rules that it lacks subject matter jurisdiction in case against Spanish airline involving passenger in-flight death – NV Flyer

Briefs: NM spaceport tax vote fails; Election day and space –

“Fly Me.” Airplane Seizures In China And Why This Is Important – China Law Blog

FAA plans for suborbital point-to-point transport – Hyperbola

Spaceport America responds to Otero tax vote defeat –

Climate science budget under threat – EARSC

Shuttle retirement an urgent transition issue – Space Politics

FY 2008 NRO Budget Book Released – Secrecy News

Hand off the panic button, please – Space Politics

No panic but not too soon to react –

What President Obama Means for Moon Colonization and Private Space Policy (Immediate Action?) – Luna C/I

“A United, Global Effort for Long-Term Human Space Exploration?” — Why Not? – 21st Century Waves

Space policies, NASA, and the next administrator –

EU-Africa Partnership Aims At Knowledge Access, Technology Transfer – EARSC

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  1. […] Res Communis, University of Mississippi School of Law Thanks to PJ Blount for featuring: “A United, Global Effort for Long-Term Human Space Exploration?” — Why Not? […]

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