Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Ewalt, Shelley A. Et resurrexit: GARA and the trio of cases on collateral review. 46 Duq. L. Rev. 177-210 (2008)

Kerry V. Kovarik, A Good Idea Stretched Too Far: Amending the General Aviation Revitalization Act to Mitigate Unintended Inequities, 31 Seattle University Law Review 973 (2008).

ICAO Journal, V. 63, n. 5

IISL Standing Committee on the Status of International Agreements Relating to Activities in Outer Space 2008 Annual Report

NASA Advisory Council Council Recommendation – July 10, 2008

CRS – The Manhattan Project, the Apollo Program, and Federal Energy Technology R&D Programs: A Comparative Analysis

Aviation Safety: FAA Has Increased Efforts to Address Runway Incursions. GAO-08-1169T, September 25

Space Acquisitions: Uncertainties in the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program Pose Management and Oversight Challenges. GAO-08-1039, September 26

Aviation Safety: FAA Has Taken Steps to Determine That It Has Made Correct Medical Certification Decisions. GAO-08-997, September 17

START: Dead Treaty Walking – Arms Control Wonk

Senator Obama endorses INKSNA waiver extension – Space Politics

Soyuz Waiver Update – NASA Watch

Senate committee passes INKSNA waiver bill; is a compromise possible? – Space Politics

Hurricane satellite legislation – Space Politics

In Interview with the USDOT GIO – NSGIC Blog

Russia And China: A Future Alliance In The Making? – Colony Worlds

Sneaking an INKSNA extension into a CR – Space Politics

Air & Space Law: global concern, global perspective needed for new rules – McGill Reporter

A little stimulus for NASA – Space Politics

Spatial Data Infrastructure, Coordination, and Access Policy Research – GeoData Policy

Feeney’s gapfiller – Space Politics

NASA Authorization Sent to President – Spaceports

Failed bail-out bad news for aviation – Leeham News and Comment

International Space: Space Race or Federation – JSC Advanced Planning Office Blog

Statement of Henry Krakowski, Chief Operating Officer, Air Traffic Organization, Before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommittee on Aviation on Runway Safety: An Update

IFPTE Letter to Sen. Mikulski and Rep. Mollohan Regarding NASA Appropriations

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