ICAO Journal, v. 63, n. 5

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by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

The new ICAo Journal has been released:

Message from the Director, Technical Co-operation Bureau (TCB)

A new approach to safety
With ever increasing amounts of data available for analysis by its safety experts, ICAO has begun to shift its focus toward the development of internal processes that are more responsive to new information and therefore more adaptable to evolving top-level safety concerns

USOAP evolution
ICAO begins to adapt and evolve its safety monitoring activities to better target the priority areas that the USOAP comprehensive audits have helped to reveal, turning now to a new Continuous Monitoring Approach

A more proactive approach: ICAO FLS
A look at the important redirection of the ICAO Flight Safety Section’s priorities as it moves to place greater focus on implementation related activities

Accident Investigation and Prevention: Divisional Meeting A review of some of the key matters up for discussion in this first divisional meeting of its kind since 1999

Rethinking aviation medicine
In its continuing effort to reflect a changing industry and the constantly evolving world of medical science, ICAO is taking new strides toward modernizing existing medical guidelines for aviation authorities

ICAO ‘Level 4’ English language proficiency deadline With 134 of 190 ICAO Member States now either compliant or with plans in place, ICAO’s Level 4 English compliance standard is already having positive effects on global aviation safety

AFI Plan continuing on pace
An update on the AFI Comprehensive Implementation Programme, including its near-term programmes and objectives in the context of ICAO’s broader safety aspirations for the AFI Region

Great success for COSCAPs
The origins and broad objectives of the Regional Cooperative (COSCAP) programmes in the Asia-Pacific Region and some of the successes that have been achieved thus far


Guest feature: Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI)
The FAI’s new Commission on Airspace and Navigation Systems seeks to increase public and regulator awareness as our skies become increasingly less hospitable to recreational aircraft users

Forum: FAI viewpoint
Pierre Portmann, President, Fédération Aéronautique Internationale,
discusses the long history and continuing evolution of his organization

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