High Frontier Journal Vol. 4 No. 4

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by P.J. Blount with the blog faculty

The table of contents for High Frontier Journal Vol. 4 No. 4 has been released. The publication is not yet available on the website, but should be soon. The subject of the journal is “National Security Space Collaboration”:

Table of Contents

General C. Robert Kehler

Senior Leader Perspective
National Security Space Collaboration as a National Defense Imperative
Mr. Scott F. Large

Mission Assurance—A Key Part of Space Vehicle Launch Mission Success
Maj Gen Ellen M. Pawlikowski

Building an Integrated Intelligence Network: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Pete Rustan

Transforming National Space Security: Enabling DoD and Intelligence Community Defensive Space Control Collaboration
BG Jeffrey C. Horne

Reflections on the Integration of Black and White Space
Brig Gen Katherine E. Roberts

Senior Leader Profile
National Security Space – A Personal Perspective: An Interview with General Thomas S. Moorman Jr., USAF, Retired
Mr. George W. Bradley III and Dr. Rick Sturdevant

National Security Space Collaboration Constructing a National Security Space Plan
Mr. Joseph D. Rouge

Assuring Access to Space: The Partnership Continues
Col John G. Stizza

Common Language, Common Culture: How the Space Community Must Change Language and Perspective to Achieve Cross-Domain Integration and Dominance
Lt Col Dana Flood

Rescuing Apollo: Building Consensus toward a National Strategy for Space
Maj Patrick A. Brown

Historical Perspective
Not Related to Reconnaissance in Any Way: An Interview with Dr. F. Robert Naka
Dr. Rick W. Sturdevant

Book Review
Twilight War: The Folly of US Space Dominance

Dr. Rick W. Sturdevant

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