Haley Archive: Arthur C. Clarke August 1956 Letter on GPS, DBS, and more…

March 27, 2008 at 7:36 am | Posted in Haley Archive | 1 Comment

By Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz with the blog faculty

Andrew G. Haley was the author of one of the world’s seminal space law texts, Space Law and Government (Appleman, Century, Croft, 1963). Some of his papers were given to the late Stephen Gorove, upon whose work the NCRSASL was based. The Center is now processing these papers as the Andrew G. Haley Archive to be made available to researchers. The letter below was written by Clarke to Haley in 1956 and was discovered this week during the continued processing of Haley’s papers. Given the recent passing of Arthur C. Clarke, the Center decided that this letter will be of particular interest to the space community at this time. Therefore, we are making it availbale through Res Communis at this time.
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Clarke Letter 1Clarke Letter 2

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  1. This letter is surprising because in his Wireless World paper 11 years earlier Clarke did quote two earlier works that had talked about about geostationary satellites (though only by listing them in the references, not by direct, clear citation). See this overview and the links therein. Some time after writing the 1956 letter ACC must have changed his mind about the priority question which is seen very differently indeed nowadays.

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